Master Course

Master Course 1 (8 Credits)
HWS Pain and Neuralgia
Instructor: R. Wander, A. Hagedorn, and Col.

Multimodal therapy for HWS difficulties and differential diagnostics with help of neural therapy.
Simple examination and injection techniques with high success rates. Relapse. Logical combinations with other methods of pain therapy.

Master Course 2 (8 Credits)
Gynecology: Abdomial, Lower Back and Vulval Pain
Instructor: W. Ortner, S. Weinschenk, and Col.

Multimodal therapy for urogenital pain, not only for specialists. All new, important techniques.
Indications,boundaries, chances, and practical applications. Billing and marketing for specialists. Gynecological injection techniques will be demonstrated and practiced on a dummy.

Master Course 3 (8 Credits)
LWS, ISG1. Back Pain – Lower Back Pain – Multimodal Therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain
Instructor: H. Nazlikul and Col.

Indications and limits: acute and chronic back pain.
Important injection techniques and useful therapy procedures. Practical experience.

Master Course 4 (8 Credits)
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Instructor: P. Piehler and Col.

Chronic abdominal pain is not only distressing for patients.
Multimodal therapy for abdominal pain, Tymphanites, and Dysbacteriosis.
The use of Neural Therapy in Gastroenterology, important examination and injections techniques. Involvement in an integrative concept. Practical experience.